Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, an area rich with biodiversity, it didn't take long for Jess to spark an interest in the natural world. His childhood was spent hiking and birdwatching with his family all throughout the Pacific Northwest. With help from his father, also a nature photographer, this interest in the outdoors developed into a passion for artistically documenting living creatures and dramatic landscapes. In 2011 Jess was awarded the International Youth Photographer of the Year award from Nature's Best, prompting him to take this serious hobby to the next level. Since then, photography has brought Jess deep into the British Columbia backcountry, the far reaches of the Aleutian Islands, the high Alaskan Arctic, Central and South America. Living in an area with spectacular wildlife only rivalled by the surrounding scenery, Jess has developed a unique style, combining elements from both landscape and animal photography, creating contextual images that speak to the animal's and environment's story. Equally at home alone in the wilderness or in a group setting, sharing his knowledge, Jess is eager to continue exploring and guiding in exciting parts of the world - learning and helping others to see the sights and create the photographs they've always envisioned.