Top 17 of 2017

This past year allowed for some overdue local exploration, yielding some of my most rewarding photography opportunities yet. Spending over a week high above the forest floor in a tiny blind, photographing a nesting pair of Great Grey Owls, immersing myself in the world of salmon fishing Black Bears for several days on the BC coast, and being surrounded by lunge feeding Humpback Whales off the coast of Vancouver Island, were just a few of the many highlights. As always, another exciting aspect of the year was meeting the many folks from around the world who were able to join me in this wonderful corner of the world to take part in my annual photo workshops.

In addition to my more local excursions, I continued guiding several trips for Bartley's Photo Workshops in Ecuador and Costa Rica. Aside from shooting my own pictures and getting to share the resulting stories, helping others to develop new skills and learn about wildlife is always a big highlight. It was great to both see some familiar faces, returning to join me for another trip, and meet many new photographers passionate about the natural world!

The following, in no particular order, are what I believe to be my top 17 images of 2017.

I hope you'll enjoy...


A Hoffman's Two-toed Sloth concealed amongst vines in the lowland rainforest of Costa Rica.


Perhaps one of North America's most difficult to photograph birds, a Flammulated Owl perches on a lichen covered branch in British Columbia's southern interior.  


In the gloomy predawn light, a massive waterfall surges with spring meltwater in a remote area of Vancouver Island's rugged west coast.


With three chicks tucked beneath her, a female Great Grey Owl receives a prey delivery from her mate; in this case, a Meadow Vole.


A Keel-billed Toucan uses its massive beak to excavate its nest cavity in the lowland rainforest of Costa Rica. 


Found only in the mountains of Costa Rica and western Panama, the Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher.


Framed by budding spring foliage, a Black-throated Grey Warbler pauses briefly while moving through the temperate rainforest near Vancouver, British Columbia.


A Humpback Whale engulfs a school of Pacific Herring off the coast of northern Vancouver Island.


A Shining Sunbeam displays its amazing rainbow iridescence in the highlands of the Ecuadorian Andes.


On a particularly calm morning in the interior of British Columbia, a few day old Common Loon chick takes a ride on its parents back.


Black-tailed Trainbearers boast the longest tail of any hummingbird. I was thrilled to catch this impressive male as he briefly paused atop a flowering shrub during this year's trip to Ecuador! 


After a morning spent fishing for Coho Salmon, a large Black Bear enjoys an afternoon nap. Beneath him - rendered smooth by a slow shutter speed - a river cascades through the intertidal zone along British Columbia's wild coast.


Swirling fog fills the air above British Columbia's Sumallo River on a cool autumn morning. 


Having gathered landslide debris and soot from distant wildfires, the imperfect surfaces of snowfields in British Columbia's Coast Mountains harbour incredible beauty beneath.


A family of Common Loons silhouetted on a calm lake in British Columbia's Interior.


Hidden within her aspen domain, a female Great Grey Owl awaits the return of her mate as dusk sets in over the forest in central British Columbia. 


Clutching a Pink Salmon in her strong jaws, a female Black Bear makes a swift exit from a shallow river on the coast of British Columbia; away from the prying eyes of any would-be thieving bears. 

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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to express their support for my photography this year! 

Best wishes to you all and Happy New Year!